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Tree Felling


You are advised that under Section 37 of the Forestry Act, 1946, with certain exceptions (mainly relating to areas within Town Council boundaries) it is illegal to uproot a tree over ten years of age or cut down a tree of any age unless notice of intention to do so has been given in accordance with the Act.

With very few exceptions, if it is proposed to fell a tree(s) a licence is required, irrespective of whether planning permission is held or not.

With this and certain other exceptions therefore it is an offence, under the Forestry Act 1946, to fell a tree(s) without a felling licence having been granted by the Forest Service.  Failure to obtain a licence when necessary, may result in a criminal prosecution.  Developers are advised to contact the Felling Section, Forest Service, Department of Agriculture and Food, Johnstown Castle Estate, Co. Wexford Tel: (053) 9163 400 before undertaking any tree felling.


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