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IBAL Awards: Longford cleaner than European norms.

IBAL Awards 2017

Longford: Joint 6th out of 40 towns / cities surveyed. Cleaner than European Norms.

A winner two years ago of the IBAL league, Longford continues to excel, with no heavily littered sites. Some of the particularly good top ranking sites included the residential area of Canal Court, the waterside environment of Canal Walk and St. Mel’s Cathedral and Environs – these sites didn’t just score well with regard to litter but were also very well presented and maintained. One of the noticeable features throughout Longford was the sculptures throughout the town.

Car Park at Longford Town Centre and Shopping Centre: Grade A. Overall, the car park at Longford Town Centre scored well with regard to litter. Some aspects of the car park appeared somewhat ‘tired’ e.g. car park surface and pedestrian crossing and there was a definite weed presence. The stretch of ornamental trees were welcome in such a large expanse of car parking.

Longford ‘Bring Centre’: Grade B. The impression at the ‘Bring Centre’ was of an untidy and somewhat unkempt facility. As well as the dumping of a couple of bags, items had been stuffed behind and between the units. Plenty of notices with regard to usage with one interesting sign ‘You have done the right thing so far, Please Finish the Job, take your bags and cardboard boxes with you and help keep this facility clean and tidy’ and another similar sign in several languages, by Longford Tidy Towns.

Canal Court: Grade A. The residential area of Canal Court was an excellent site. It was spotless throughout and very fresh in appearance. Planted areas, paving, grass areas and road were well maintained.

Townspark Industrial Estate: Grade A. This industrial site got the top litter grade but only just. An untidy impression was created due to the heavy weed growth and numerous vacant and run down premises.

N4 Edgeworthstown Approach: Grade A. This route creates a positive first impression of Longford town. Road surface, signage and markings were in very good order. Litter was beginning to build up outside the fencing of Brian Fallon Hardware. Several business premises had signage just before the roundabout.

Canal Walk: Grade A. A lovely waterside feature which was nicely presented. The pedestrian paving was in good condition and grass area either side of the path was lush and well maintained. Signs relating to ‘Alcohol Free Area’ and dog fouling were present.

St. Mel’s Cathedral and Environs: Grade A. Not only was there a complete absence throughout the area surveyed but the whole presentation of this site was excellent - clearly great care has been taken with same. The lovely paving to the front looks very well and the grass and planted areas were very well maintained. Bicycle parking, signage sculptures all presented well. Overall, this was an exceptional site.

Dublin Street: Grade A. Dublin Street was quite congested with traffic and parking but it was deserving of the top litter grade. There was some nice paving along some parts of the footpath and hanging baskets were welcome.

Main Street: Grade B. The Main Street in Longford just missed getting the top litter grade. With a little extra care and attention this could easily be achieved.

N63 Roscommon to Longford Connecting Road: Grade B. The overall impression created here was of a moderately littered route, especially between Longford and Killashee. There were numerous industrial and retail parks on the outskirts of Longford – some of these presented very tidily and others less so. The stretch of road between Killashee to Roscommon was much cleaner.

IBAL Awards
Minister Denis Naughton, Cllr. Mae Sexton and Conor Horgan of IBAL

IBAL Awards Group photo
Minister Denis Naughton, Councillor Mae Sexton, John McKeon (Head of Finance Longford Co Council and Councillor Seamus Butler.