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CLÁR 2019 Programme

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Local Authority Measures- Summary

The Department of Rural and Community Development has announced a new round of funding under the CLÁR programme for 2019. CLÁR (Ceantair Laga Árd-Riachtanais) is a targeted investment programme for rural areas that aims to provide funding for small infrastructural projects in areas that experience disadvantage. The aim of CLÁR is to support the sustainable development of identified CLÁR areas with the aim of attracting people to live and work there.  The funding works in conjunction with local/Agency and other Departmental funding programmes and on the basis of locally identified priorities.

What will be funded?

€5 million is available nationally  for the CLÁR Programme for a range of School and Community projects.

Measure 1:  Support for Schools/Community Safety Measures

Measure 2:  Schools/Community Play Areas (including MUGAs – Multi-use Games areas)

Measure 3: Community Wellbeing Support (new in 2019) comprising of;

(a) First Response Support (direct application to the Dept of Rural & Community Development)

(b) Mobility and Cancer Care Transport (direct application to the Dept of Rural & Community Development)

(c) Sensory Gardens (application via Local Authority)

The “Community Wellbeing Support” measure encompasses the assistance given in previous years for voluntary first-response organisations and for mobility and cancer care supports.  

What level of funding is available ?

Level of grant aid and school/community contribution for Measure 1 & 2

The maximum grant payable will be 90% of the project cost  or a maximum of €50,000, whichever is the lesser.  The remaining balance of the cost is to be provided through local authority/community/other resources with a minimum of 5% cash contribution from the School/Community. 

Measure 3c:  Sensory Gardens for Care Facilites/Community Groups/Local Development Companies/Special School

Criteria will allow for applications for specialist sensory gardens and play equipment. The maximum level of funding for sensory garden projects will be limited to €60,000, with a requirement for match funding of at least 15% of the total cost of the project. A Local Authority or other eligible applicant may bundle a sensory garden project with a playground or MUGA project. Such projects must be located in a CLÁR area.

Who can apply ?

Applications for Measures 1 and 2  & 3c may be submitted to Longford Co. Council from Schools, Community Groups and also from Local Development Companies. Applications for Measure 3a & 3b must be submitted directly to the Department of Rural and Community Development.

What is the closing date for applications?

The closing date for receipt of completed applications to Longford Co. Council for Measures 1 , 2 & 3c is Wednesday 10th April 2018 at 5pm.Late applications will NOT be accepted

What documentation/information is required to accompany applications?

Applications must detail all of the costs associated with the proposed project and only items of a capital nature that are integral to the project should be included. All administration costs/professional fees associated with the proposed project should be kept to a minimum and be clearly detailed on the application form. Such costs will be eligible up to a maximum of 10% of the overall project costs.

Applications must be accompanied by:

  • evidence that all necessary permissions are in place
  • evidence, where applicable, that ownership/lease is in place
  • full estimated costs including management/professional fees (procurement not required at this point)
  • evidence that match funding is available & ringfenced
  • written confirmation that any facilities funded are available for use by the public without appointment
  • clear evidence of need.

Who will select the successful applications?

Up to 15 applications in total, between measures 1and 2, may be selected by the LA, providing that they are of sufficient quality and are consistent with developmental planning at a local level, LECP’s, Town plans and any other relevant plans, for onward submission to the Department for its consideration.  The Department will select a number of projects in whole or in part.

Where facilities have received funding in the past, particularly under CLÁR 2017 & CLÁR 2018, the Department may take that into account when making final decisions regarding project selection and may prioritise those that have not received funding previously.


What are the timelines following the closing date?

It is anticipated that applications will be assessed and decided by 31st May 2019 with projects to be completed in Sept/Oct 2019.Grant payments will be made after certification by the LA/LDC that the project has been completed.


Click  here   for the CLÁR Application Form and details for Measures 1 and 2 & 3c  (submit to Local Authority)

Click  for the CLÁR Application Forms and details for Measure 3 a & 3 b (submit to Dept of Rural & Community Development)

M3(a)Scheme-Outline-_Application.docx (size 61.6 KB)

M3(b)-Scheme-Outline_Application.docx (size 181.3 KB)

Click here to check if your school/community is in the CLÁR area – CLÁR map of Longford

Click here for list of District Electoral Divisions (DED’s) in the CLÁR area – CLÁR DED list


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