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Granard MD - Local Road Closures 2020

Temporary Closing of Roads – Roads Act 1993 (Section 75)

Longford County Council hereby gives notice that it has made an order to close the Local Roads in the Granard MD  listed below, to public traffic as required, during the Roadwork’s Programme 2020

Hours of Closure:                  8:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday

Alternative Route:               Local Diversions will be in place

Signage will be placed on all roads to assist motorists and local access will be maintained during the works.

L-50662-0 Edenmore
L-51292-0 Ballyreaghan to junction with R-194
L-5124-0 Currygrane to junction with L-1065-0
L-1046-0 Lislea (Part) from junction with L-1046 to junction with L-10461-0
L-10151-0 Fearglass to junction with L-1038
L-10133-0 Barragh Beg to junction with L-10132-0
L - 5061 from Fihoragh to Co Boundary at Fihoragh
L - 5087 from Aghacordrinan to Mulvanny's Bridge
L - 1830 from junction with R194 to Muckerstaff   
L - 1026 from Cloonback School to Legga (R198)  (Part)
L - 10761 Duffy's, Spring Park in Coolagherty Td.     
L- 51292-0 Lisameen to junction with L-1084-0
L -10591from Local Rd. L-1059 Rathbracken 
L - 5123   from Carragh to Cloghchurnel
L-10121-0 Drumbad
L - 10822 from Local Rd. L-1082   Blake's Castlenugent   
L-5037-0 Fardromin to junction with L-1015
L-50634 Kilmahon
L-5160-0 from junction with N-55 to junction with R395
L – 50791 from Cornadrung 3 roads to Noble's gate
L - 10421 from Cleenrath to Mollyglass (Part)
L - 1060 from Dring (West) to Mullinroe 3 roads with branch to Mullinroe 4 roads (Part)
L - 5089 from Culray to Aghakine (at Parochial House) (Part)
L - 5089 from Dunbeggan 4 roads to Aghakine 3 roads
L - 51301 from L-05132 to Killeen
L-1027 (Part) Clontumpher  L-1041-0
Cloone Rd, Drumlish (Part) L-1016-0
L-1036 (Part) Fostragh
L-1080 (Part) Drumeel
L-5092 Esker to Soran (Part)
L-10633-0 Derryneal Ballinalee
L-10632- Derryneal Ballinalee
L-1074-0 (Part) to Ballinascraw
L-51551 Newtownbond L-51551-0, L-51551-1
L-5155-0 Ballyhoolivan to junction with L-5157-0 in Lisnanagh
L-5163 Lisnanagh (Part) to junction with N-4-646 in Camlisk
L-5080-Derrynacross to Soran (Part)
L - 1073 From Ballywillin 3 roads to Abbeylara (Part)
L - 1078 From Higginstown to Robinstown
L-1015 (Part) Fardromin from the '98 to junction with L-10152
L-50971-0 Rhynne to junction with R-194
L-10741-0 Roos junction with L-1074-0 in Roos
L-5074 (Part) Kiltyclogher
L-51563-0 Coolamber full to junction with R-395
L-5145 (Part) Tully from junction with L-1084
L - 1026 from Cloonback School to Legga (R198)
L- 1032 from Rathmore to Cloonback School (2 Sections at Cuingareen)
L-1010-1 Mohill Road Drumlish (Part)
L - 10372 Rosduff to Rosduff (Mc Naboes)
L - 50983 from Local Road L-5098 to Matthews at Toome, Dring
L - 1059 From Tober 4 roads to Ballinrooey 4 roads (Part)
L-5156-0 (Part) Freaghmeen Coolamber
L - 50781 from Enaghan to Reilly’s
L-1031 Corneddan (Part)
L-5107 Cartronmarkey
L5054-0 (Part) to junction with L-1022-0
L - 51341 from Local Rd. L-5134 to Dawson's Leitrim
L - 51231 Cul de sac Estate Road Carragh
L - 50552 from Ballyduff Bridge to O.Reilly's
L-5060-0 Enybegs/Corlea (part) from junction with L-1040-0 to junction with L-5053-0
L-10132-0 Barraghbeg full to junction with L-10130-0
L-5085-0 Esker (part) from junction with L-1038-0 to junction with L-5085-0
L-5113-0 Kilshruley junction with R-194 (3 roads) to junction with L-1063 (3roads)
L - 10431 Dunbeggan to Cleenrath
L - 5150 from Killasona 3 roads (East) in Rinroe
L - 5153 from Rinroe to Rincoolagh L-5141-0, L-5153-0
L- 50555 Drumury to Frank Reilly's
L - 5137 from Feriskil to Aghaboy (PART)
L - 50554 Drumury to Drumury
L - 10573 from Mullinroe to Dermody's House