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County Council Election Results 2014

Election Results

The counting of votes in Longford County Council election took place over the weekend of Saturday 24th May to Monday May 26th in the count centre at Clonguish GAA complex in Newtownforbes. Full details of the count results are available below. 

Final results have been declared in Longford, Granard and Ballymahon LEA's.

Ballymahon LEA.

Granard LEA.

Longford LEA

Results Timeline...as it happened.

Saturday May 24th.

9:00am: Opening of ballot boxes has commenced.
3:45pm: Counting of votes in the Longford area begins
6:55pm: Counting of votes in Granard area begins. Verification of doubtful votes in Longford taking place.
7:45pm: Candidates and their agents in Longford area now called to adjudicate on doubtful ballots.
11:15pm Longford Count 1 declared. Clyne, Martin eliminated and distribution of his 113 votes commences.
11:55pm Longford Count 2 declared. Count adjourned until 11am to-morrow Sunday. 

Sunday May 25th.

11:05am: Counting has resumed in the Longford area with elimination of the lowest remaining candidate Barbara Smyth (SF) and the distribution of her 256 votes.
11:45am: Result of third count in Longford LEA.
11:46am Tony Flaherty (Ind) eliminated and distribution of his 277 votes has commenced.
12:25pm Result of fourth count declared. No candidate elected. Elimination of Paul Connell (Ind) and distribution of his 412 votes.
1:00pm Longford count five now declared, election of John Browne (FG) and Gerry Warnock (Ind). The elimination of Yvonne Ni Mhurchú has taken place on this count also and her 534 vote will now be redistributed
1:45pm Longford count 6 has been declared which has seen the election of Peggy Nolan (FG) and Seamus Butler (FF). The distribution of Peggy Nolan's surplus of 83 now begins.
2:23pm. Longford Count 7 now complete. No candidate has reached the quota so we now distribute Seamus Butler's surplus of 40 votes as it is the largest surplus and in combination with the other available surpluses exceeds the difference between the two lowest candidates.
3:30pm. Longford Count 8 declared and Mae Sexton (Ind) and Padraig Loughrey (FF) elected without reaching the quota. Longford LEA complete.
3:34pm. Counting in Ballymahon area commences.
6:25pm Granard 1st Count declared. Micheal Carrigy (FG) elected and his surplus of 70 votes are now to be distributed. Adjudication of doubtful votes in Ballymahon area has also begun.
8:32pm Granard Count 2 has been declared and has resulted in no candidate being elected. The lowest candidate, Mary Lillis has been eliminated and her vote of 319 is now to be distributed.
9:18pm: Ballymahon Count 1 has been declared. No candidate elected so lowest placed candidate, Niamh Moran (Ind) has been eliminated and her vote of 312 will now be redistributed.
9:48pm Granard Count 3 has been declared. No candidate elected so lowest placed candidate, Maura Kilbride-Harkin has been eliminated and her vote of 361 will now be distributed.
10:04 pm. Ballymahon Count 2 has been declared and Colm Murray (FG) elected. His surplus of 11 votes will now be distributed.
10:39pm. Ballymahon Count 3 has been declared. No candidate elected, Edel Kelly (SF) is excluded with her 490 not to be distributed.
10:52pm. Granard Count 4 announced. No candidate has reached the quota and lowest candidate John Coyle (FF) is eliminated and his votes of 428 now to be distributed.
12:00am. Granard Count 5. No candidated elected, James Keogh (Ind) is eliminated and his votes of 624 to be distributed.
12:18am: Ballymahon Count 4 has been declared and Mark Casey (Ind) has been elected. His surplus of 91 votes are now to be distributed.
12:56am. Ballymahon Count 5 has been declared and eliminated Sean Farrell (FG). This leaves 519 votes for distribution.
01:40am Granard Count 6 as been declared. Count in Granard currently suspended while candidates consider the position.
02:08am Ballymahon Count 6 has been announced and has elected Gerard Farrell. is surplus of 121 votes are now to be distributed. In the Granard area a full recount has been called by Frank Kilbride (FG) and will begin at 11am.
02:44 Ballymahon Count 7 declared. Following candidates deemed elected without reaching the quota: Mick Cahill (FF), Paul Ross (FG) and Pat O'Toole (FF). Count adjourned until morning.

Monday May 26th.

11:45am: Vote bundles currently being indexed ahead of recounting.
12:44pm: Recounting of votes has begun
5:10pm: Recount completed and the original result of Count 6 remains unchanged. Frank Kilbride's vote of 721 will now be distributed.
6:35pm. Granard Count 7 declared. PJ Reilly (FF), Pauric Brady (FG) and John Duffy (FG) elected. Count continues with distribution of PJ Reilly surplus of 116.
7:39. Granard Count 8. Luie McEntire (FF) & Martin Mulleady (FF) elected without reaching the quota. Count concluded.

:- Count Concluded. -: