Handy Tips

19 Easy Ways of Reducing Waste at Home

  1. Avoid buying heavily packaged goods. 
  2. Buy fruit and vegetables that have no unnecessary packaging, e.g. bananas don’t need a bag 
  3. Buy concentrated products that use less packaging. 
  4. Buy products such as washing powder in large containers to reduce packaging or a 2-litre bottle of cola instead of a few small bottles or cans
  5. Take your reusable shopping bags with you to the shops every trip. 
  6. Try to get off mailing lists for junk mail, faxes and emails. 
  7. Use reusable products wherever possible e.g. use a nappy laundry service and save disposable nappies for holidays or long journeys. 
  8. Use refillable and rechargeable products when possible e.g. a refillable ink pen rather than a disposable biro, rechargeable batteries and cameras. 
  9. Where possible, buy groceries packed in recyclable packaging like glass or cardboard instead of foil and plastic 
  10. Choose products in packaging that you know can be recycled 
  11. Use and refill your own durable drinks bottle 
  12. Try to keep your bin from filling up. 
  13. Try growing your own vegetables 
  14. Have a garden composter for organic waste like vegetable peelings, food leftovers, teabags, fruit peelings, garden waste and divert 1/3 of your waste away from landfill
  15. Think before throwing anything away – can it be reused for something else?
  16. Use a lunchbox for your sandwiches or salad and don’t wrap them in plastic
  17. Save all glass jars and bottles and bring them to your local Glass Bank for recycling
  18. If you have a blue bin/clear bag at home be sure to use it for newspapers, magazines, junk mail, pizza / cereal boxes, milk / juice cartons, food tins and drinks cans as well as other materials, depending on where you live.
  19. If there is a recycling centre close to where you live or work, be sure to bring old batteries, plastic bottles and bags and any other materials they accept for recycling

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