Bring Banks

Longford County Council now have 25 locations throughout the county at which you can recycle your glass and cans.

Three different types of glass (clear, brown, green) and aluminium cans can be left for recycling in the banks. The banks range in size from the smaller 240 litre bins to the larger 2.5 cubic metre bins.

The new fully landscaped sites have a standard "look" and "feel". The bring bank receptacles themselves contain 15% recycled plastic and are located in easily accessible areas throughout the county. These Bring Banks make it easier than ever for people to recycle and by using the bins in the correct way people can also help reduce their waste charges, do their part for the environment and increase the amounts of materials recycled.

Please keep in mind the following when using the Bring Banks

  • Make sure to separate the different glass by colour
  • Remove all caps, lids and please wash
  • Only put in drinks cans and please crush
  • Do not put in any delph or ceramics
  • The bins are for household use only
  • Please do not leave any rubbish or plastic bags behind

These Bring Banks are very important in helping Longford do its part for the environment. Please use them responsibly as illegal dumping will prosecuted. To view the location of bring banks within Co. Longford use the following link: Longford County Council Bring Bank Locations