Waste Facility permits and Certificates of Registration

Waste Facility permits and Certificates of Registration


Waste Facility Permits & Certificates of Registration are issued by Longford County Council under the Waste Management (Facility Permit & Registration) Regulations 2007 as amended.

A person or company may apply to Longford County Council for either a Certificate of Registration (COR) or a Waste Facility Permit (WFP), while a Waste Licence may only be issued by the EPA.

The type of authorisation required depends on factors such as the tonnage of waste to be handled at facility, and the waste types to be processed, e.g. a farmer or landowner seeking to raise a portion of a field using waste soil and stone sourced from a nearby construction site typically requires a COR, but a WFP may be required if the total tonnage of waste to be accepted exceeds a certain threshold.

A waste authorisation is a legal requirement of a waste activity in accordance with Section 39 of the Waste Management Act 1996, as amended.

It is important to note that a person/company must secure an appropriate waste authorisation in advance of commencing a waste activity, as failure to comply with the Waste Management Act 1996, is an offence and therefore subject to legal action, potential fines and possible other enforcement actions, resulting in considerable expenses incurred by the landowner and/or operator.

Application form and associated documents

The Application form for a Certificate of Registration for Clean soil and stone can be downloaded here:

COR-application-Soil-and-Stone.pdf (size 214.7 KB)

The Application for a Waste Facility Permit/ Certificate of Registration (other than clean soil and stone) can be downloaded here

2023-_04_17-WFP-COR-Application-Form---Version-3-April-2023.docx (size 2 MB)

Application-Form-for-Transfer-of-Waste-Facility-Permit-&-Certificate-of-Reg.doc.pdf (size 186.8 KB)

Application-Form-for-Surrender-of-Waste--Facility-Permit-and-Cert-of-Reg.doc.pdf (size 182.4 KB)

Template-for-Newspaper-Notice-for-Waste-Facility-Permit-Application.doc.pdf (size 61.4 KB)

Template-for-Site-Notice-for-Waste-Facility-Permit-Application.doc.pdf (size 62.7 KB)

Insurance-Declaration.pdf (size 146.3 KB)

Application process information

Flow-Chart-Do-I-need-New-Licence-Permit-COR-Tree---Private-Sector.doc.pdf (size 147.7 KB)
Flow-Chart-1---Waste-Facility-Permit-Application-Process.pdf (size 56.6 KB)
Flow-Chart-2-Review-of-WF-Permit---initiated-by-permit-holder.pdf (size 54.9 KB)
Flow-Chart-3-Review-of-WF-Permit---initiated-by-LA.pdf (size 55.6 KB)
Certificate-of-Registration-Application-Process.pdf (size 68.9 KB)

It is deemed an offence to deposit or accept waste materials at a facility which does not have a local authority permit or an EPA licence. 

If you are using a facility to deposit or recover waste or recyclable goods, ensure that the waste facility holds a current waste facility permit, certificate of registration or waste license which authorises the acceptance of waste.  

A list of authorised facilities can be accessed at http://facilityregister.nwcpo.ie  

Sewage Sludge Facility Certificate of Registration


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