Primary Schools Programme

Since 2006, Longford County Council has been delivering the National Directorate for Fire and Emergency Management (NDFEM) Primary Schools Programme on an annual basis. The Primary Schools Programme (PSP) has been designed to enhance the level of awareness of Fire Safety in the home and to raise the level of awareness of Fire Safety in the community. It is targeted at 3rd class pupils, approximately 9 years old. Each of the primary schools are visited by local fire brigade personnel who deliver the presentations. As part of the programme, the pupils are made aware of the dangers of fire, the importance of working smoke alarms and complete a home fire safety checklist.

The presentation aims to teach children the following aspects of Fire Safety in the Home

  • The dangers of fire and the importance of basic fire prevention – “Home Safety Check”
  • The importance of owning sufficient properly fitted and regularly tested smoke alarms.
  • The importance of a night-time routine check
  • The importance of escape plans and regular rehearsals.
  • The correct actions to be taken if in a fire situation.
  • The correct procedure for calling the emergency services (999/112).
  • The dangers and consequences of “Hoax Calls” or “False Alarms”
  • The dangers and consequences of “Arson”
  • The dangers and consequences of “Attacks on fire crews”
  • The importance of informing their family and friends of this education
  • “Stop, Drop and Roll”

Each pupil is given a "Safety Team" pack. The information it contains concentrates on three vital areas of Prevention, Detection and Evacuation.
In the pack will be several items including a work sheet, a word search and a board game to help the pupil learn about fire safety in the home. It also contains a Home Check sheet which pupils will be asked to complete as part of their homework along with their parents.
On completion of the homework assignments, each student will be issued with a personal "Team Safety" certificate. Each school will also be issued with a certificate.
Station Officers throughout the county, will contact the schools in their areas to organise a Fire Safety School visit.