Fireworks & Explosives Licensing

The Department of Justice is responsible for the licensing of explosives stores, and also issues licences to import fireworks and to hold fireworks displays. The fire service is consulted by the Department of Justice with regard to such applications. 

For more information about licensing of explosives and pyrotechnics click here.

Registering Premises with Local Authority for storing Ammunition or Category 1 Fireworks

Form RP1 - Form of Notice to the Local Authority to Register Premises for keeping Small Arms Ammunition 

Form RP2 - Form of Notice to the Local Authority to Register Premises for Category 1 Fireworks only - 20 October 2015

Guidance Issued by the Office of the Government Inspector of Explosives

Guide to Explosives Legislation in Ireland, GD 6/2010 

General Guidance on Fireworks, GD 7/2010, First Issued July 2010

Guidance for the Storage of Category 1 Fireworks and other Pyrotechnics, Rev 3, September 2010


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