Why Should You Become a Part-Time Firefighter?

Here are some of the many benefits:

·        You receive the satisfaction of saving life and property.

·        You become a valued member of your community.

·        You earn extra income.

·        You get the chance to show you care.

·        You get specialised training that will last you a lifetime.

·        You develop your leadership and teamwork skills.

·        You get to meet new people and make new friends.

·        You receive the satisfaction of knowing you're doing something important.

·        You get the opportunity to protect the environment.

Can You Become a Part-time Firefighter?

Men and women from all walks of life are today serving as part-time firefighters.
The self-employed, mothers at home, shift workers, the unemployed,  trades-people,
professionals and many more have all answered the call and are reaping the rewards.

You too can become a part-time firefighter if:

·        You reside and work within 3 km of the fire station of the relevant unit

·        you have written evidence from your employer as to availability 

·        You are physically fit

·        You are prepared to accept discipline and instruction

·        You are ready to give generously of your time and efforts

What will you Receive?

If you are a successful applicant, you will receive specialised training in firefighting
skills, first aid and emergency procedures. Training covers use of special equipment. 
It also involves working as part of a disciplined team.

·        You will be provided with safety clothes and equipment

·        You will receive insurance cover while on Fire Service duties

·        You get paid an annual retainer

·        You will be paid for attending drills. Usually between 80-100hrs per annum.  Drills are held weekly during the winter and fortnightly during the         summer.

·        You will be paid for call-outs

Employer - Does your company save lives?

As an employer, you would find considerable advantages in having a part-time firefighter on your staff:

  • You will have an employee who has invaluable firefighting skills plus first-aid training and health and safety skills.
  • Firefighters become very adept at handling emergencies, this quality can be carried through to the work environment.
  • Part-time firefighters who do officer training develop leadership and management skills that can also be a bonus in the workplace.
  • Your employee should become more satisfied and motivated at work.
  • You would earn the respect of your local community. A special accreditation scheme for employers will ensure your contribution will not go unnoticed.
  • Employees develop good problem solving skills
  • Firefighters are trained to develop a can do attitude.

Recruitment Procedure

·        An application form must be completed.

·        When a vacancy appears, interviews are held and qualified candidates are put on a panel.

·        From this panel persons are asked to carry out a medical and physical test.

·        The persons must successfully pass both the initial recruits and breathing apparatus courses during their probation period.

Rates of Pay for Retained Fire Fighters




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