Human Resources


The Human Resources Function in our Local Authorities is a principal component of organisation’s internal support structures.
A dedicated Human Resources Department operates under the leadership and direction of Director of Services.
Key elements of the Human Resource Function are as follows:

  • Strategic Partner in Service Delivery
  • Commercial Purchaser of Organisation’s most Valuable Resource - its employees
  • Advocate of Organisation Values Culture
  • Provider of support and advice to Line Managers to achieve the most through their people
  • Employee ‘Voice’ - understand, measure, value and voice staff needs

These key elements of the Human Resource Function translate into following day to day activities:  

  • Recruitment and Selection and Workforce Planning
  • Training and Development
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Industrial Relations
  • HR Policy Development
  • Provider of support and advice to Line Managers
  • Performance Verification - Pay Awards
  • Management and administration of various atypical employment patterns

Further information in relation to activities is set out hereunder

Manpower Planning

Manpower planning involves the management of staff resources for the effective operation of the organisation, including planning for recruitment, deployment and retirements. The core numbers of permanent staff must be maintained within the Department of the Environment and Local Government's approved staff complement.

Workplace Partnership

Workplace partnership in Longford County Council aims to achieve through consensus with management, unions and staff lasting progress and new work practices with a common goal of creating a better working environment and delivering services of the highest quality to the people of County Longford.

Industrial Relations:

Longford County Council aims to achieve and maintain good working relationships in a spirit of partnership with Unions and Staff Representatives to reconcile conflicting demands with the minimum of conflict. The fostering of good industrial relations promote the resolution of issues at local level. In cases where it is not possible to get resolution at local level, the industrial relations machinery involving the Labour Relations Commission and the Labour Court are used.


Longford County Council is committed to a Programme for Equality to ensure all employees are treated in an equitable manner and have adopted a formal written policy 'Dignity at Work to give effect to this commitment.
Longford Local Authorities are committed to the promotion of the Equality Agenda in all its areas of responsibility.
As a demonstration of this commitment Longford Local Authorities have formed an Equality Action Team comprised of representatives of staff and facilitated by the Equality Officer. The Equality Action Team work closely with the Equality Officer in the development and implementation of organisational equality policies.

Annual Leave and a typical Work Patterns

Employees of the Council are entitled to Annual Leave in compliance with the Organisation of Working Time Act, 1997. In addition, the Council continues to promote family friendly policies and assist staff members in that area in making available to them opportunities for Worksharing, Term Time Leave, Parental Leave, Career Breaks, Flexitime and Special Leave.

Information Available:

Further information on all the services delivered by the Human Resources Department may be obtained by contacting the Department at Aras an Chontae,Great Water Street, Longford.

Direct Line contact Numbers (043) 334 33 11 / (043) 334 33 56