Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection are essentially concerned with finding, assessing and engaging new employees or promoting existing ones. Its primary focus is to match the competencies of candidates with the demands and rewards of the job. The Minister for the Environment and Local Government has prescribed the qualifications and conditions of office for all grades of employments within the Local Authority. Longford County Council is an equal opportunities employer and recruitment of staff takes place strictly on merit. Independent interview boards are appointed by the Chief Executive to recommend the most suitable candidates for appointment in accordance with the qualifications and job description for the grades concerned. Recruitment and Selection decisions are among the most important decisions made by the Chief Execuutive because they are a prerequisite to the development of an effective workforce. Managerial and professional grades are recruited by the Public Appointments Service on behalf of the Local Authority. Requests are made to the Public Appointments Service by the Local Authority when vacancies arise in these grades and the recruitment process is conducted by the public Appointments Service, culminating in a recommendation for appointment being made to the Chief Executive.

Our recruitment practices are underpinned by our core values of integrity, fairness, transparency and respect for all. All appointments are made on merit in an open and impartial manner. All recruitment practices are updated in line with evolving recommended best practice.