Training & Development

Longford County Council operate in an environment of continual change and acknowledge the importance of having a highly trained and developed workforce in order to provide a modern and effective service responsive to the needs of our customers. Longford County Council recognise the paramount importance of learning to its business, and provides a culture which promotes and supports continuous learning and development.

The County Council respond to the training and development needs of staff with proper programmes focused on the business needs and which enables staff to develop to their full potential and achieve continuous improvements in service.

Longford County Council have introduced a Performance Management Development System (PMDS), which provides a structured mechanism for targeting training at both the business needs of the organisation and at staff’s personal development needs. The system requires staff together with their line managers to identify the specific competencies needed to achieve the goals and objectives agreed for their area under the organisation’s Corporate Plan. Every member of staff then has the opportunity to develop these competencies through appropriate and agreed training. The system ensures that business objectives are met, while also ensuring that staff are equipped with the knowledge, skills, attributes and behaviours that are appropriate to their role and necessary for their further development.

In recognition of the importance of training and development, the commitment made under recent social partnership agreements to devote 3% of payroll to the training and development of staff, has year on year being exceeded.