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Public Participation Network

PPN Mission Statement
“To Promote the Wellbeing for Present and Future Generations and Inclusive Community Participation in The Economic, Social And Environmental Development of County Longford”


Public Participation Network LogoIn 2013 the government set up ‘the working group on citizen engagement’ to examine the best way to get greater involvement of citizens in local government. They recommended the establishment of Public Participation Networks in each county. The report of the working group is available here: Working Group Report on Citizen Engagement.

Since then, guidelines have been issued to each local authority and Longford County Council has begun the process of establishing the Counties PPN

Working Group Report on Citizen Engagement with Local Government

Framework for Public Participation.

The Local Government Reform Act 2014 provides for the adoption of a Framework for Public Participation in Local Government which will set out the mechanisms by which citizens and communities will be encouraged and supported to participate in the decision – making processes of local authorities. The establishment of the Framework is a reserved function of the local authority and the statutory basis for adoption is set out in Section 127 of the Local Government Act 2001, as amended by Section 46 of the Local Government (Reform) Act 2014.The Framework will include:

  • Participatory mechanisms to facilitate and support communities input into decision making
  • Clear and transparent mechanisms for the selection of members of the local community to participate in such participatory mechanisms
  • Mechanisms to monitor and evaluate participation by members of the local community
  • Mechanisms to provide for accountability of such participants to the local community
  • Mechanisms for the provision of information by the local authority to the local community