NOAC Awards November 2021


NOAC Good Practice in Local Government Awards on 9 November 2021

On 9th November 2021 the Regeneration team presented a video on rural working hubs and digital strategies at the NOAC Good Practice in Local Government awards.  The Rural working hubs guidance and strategy document developed by the Regeneration team focuses on the roll out and development of digital hubs throughout Co. Longford. The strategy to provide rural working hubs is being led by the Regeneration section working in conjunction with LCC IT section and responds to demand from communities throughout Co. Longford. Longford County Council is the first local authority in Ireland to develop a Rural Working Hub Strategy that suits the needs of the local community. The purpose of the project was to address the fact that 3,324 workers travel outside County Longford for work (statistics correct as per the 2016 Census). The aim of the project was to provide those people with an opportunity to live and work within their local communities and therefore prevent the loss of daily economic and social activity there. The video can be viewed by clicking on the following link: