School Warden Crossing

Advice for Children

  • Children should assemble and wait on the footpath behind the warden.
  • Remain on the path until the school warden gives instructions to ‘cross now’.  
  • When crossing, walk straight across in FRONT of the warden. 
  • Keep looking in both directions and listening for traffic when crossing. 
  • Never fool around at the crossing. 
  • Never follow the school warden onto the road while he/she is endeavoring to stop traffic. 
  • Never run across the road for fear of tripping and falling. 
  • Never cross while the school warden is returning to the footpath from the centre of the roadway.

Advice for Drivers and other road users:

  • All traffic including cyclist MUST stop and remain stopped while the school warden ‘STOP’ sign is displayed. It is an offence to do otherwise. 
  • Failure to stop for a school warden sign will incur penalty points: 1 point on fixed penalty, or 4 points on court conviction. 
  • Parking is prohibited in any position which obstructs the view of a school warden. 
  • At a number of schools in the County roadway markings are provided along the edge of the carriageway which consist of yellow zig – zag lines with the words ‘School – Keep – Clear’. It is prohibited by law to stop or park inside the marked zone. 
  • Because young children are unpredictable and sometimes act impulsively, extreme care, caution and consideration should be shown in the vicinity of all crossing points and schools. 
  • Do not reverse or carry out any turning manoeuvres in the vicinity of the school warden crossing or school entrance.

Advice for Parents & Carers:

  • When accompanying children to school set a good example by using the school warden services provided on the route. 
  • Remember your children will do as you do, not as you say. 
  • Discuss the crossing procedure with children. 
  • Assess your child’s ability to deal with roads, traffic and crossing facilities before allowing them to travel to school unaccompanied.