Winter Driving Advice

Winter Maintenance.

The Council has endeavoured to provide as much information as it can to members of the public relating to the treatment of roads during periods of severe weather. To access full details of the Council’s Winter Maintenance Programme view: Winter Maintenance

Advice to Drivers

During the period from October through to April each year weather conditions may create frost and ice on roads which can make travelling on roads more hazardous than normal. There is an onus on all road users to eliminate non essential driving during periods of severe weather and to exercise  extreme care when undertaking essential journeys when road conditions are poor.

Longford County Council monitors road conditions throughout the winter period. Road surfaces are treated on a prioritised basis but while every effort will be made to have the prioritised routes treated it cannot be guaranteed that at all times any individual route will be treated.

  • Only undertake essential journeys.
  • Do not assume that roads have been treated.
  • Never assume that it is safe to drive as normal.
  • Reduce your speed.
  • Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you.