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Longford MD - Local Road Closures 2020

Temporary Closing of Roads – Roads Act 1993 (Section 75)

Longford County Council hereby gives notice that it has made an order to close the Local Roads in the Longford MD listed below, to public traffic as required, during the Roadwork’s Programme 2020

Hours of Closure:                  8:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday

Alternative Route:               Local Diversions will be in place

Signage will be placed on all roads to assist motorists and local access will be maintained during the works.

From Lismore 3 roads to Corry 3 roads (North) L-5004-0
From Cartrons 3 roads (Railway Bridge) to Lisnabo 3 roads (West) L-5003-0
From Glebe 3 roads to Ballymacormack 4 roads L-1127-0
From junction with N5 at Lisanurlan to laneway leading to Duffy’s at Mullagh Bog L50011-0
From junction R-198-434 to junction with L-1018 in Clonrollagh  L10182-0
From Cartron Big 3 roads (East) to Lissardowlan 3 roads (West, Trunk T.3) L5146-0
From Drumlish 3 roads (R198 South-West) to Cartrongar L.B. (Letter Box) at entrance to the Hermitage L1009-0
From Lismoy 3 Roads (East) to Sragarrow 3 roads (South) L-5022
From Minard to Lismore (Moneylagan Lane) L-5008
From Clooneen Bridge to County Boundary at Tomisky L-5007
From Kilmacannon 3 Roads (West) to Currygranny 3 roads (Link L. 18) L-5016
From Feraghfad 3 roads to Cooleeney 3 roads (West Trunk T.3) (Part) L-5178
From Whiterock 3 roads (Middle) to Feraghfad 3 Roads (West Trunk T.3) (Part) L-5143
From Clonmacart 3 roads to Clonmacart L-50391
From Stonepark 3 Roads (at Dash Bridge) to Lisduff 4 roads (Part) L-5213
From Leitrim 3 roads (East) to Gorteenorna 4 roads (South) (Part) L-5032
From Ballykenny Bridge to Kilmore Lower 4 roads on N5 (Part) L-1002
From Cahanagh 4 roads on R198 to Killeenatruan L-1011
From Glebe 3 roads to Ballymacormack 4 roads L-1127-0
N2517 junction with L-1040-0, R-194-959 & R-194-336 in Kilnatruan td L-1011-0
N3079, junction with R-194-336 in Kiltyreher L-10404-0
N3079, junction with L-1008-0 in Currygranny L-1008-0
Cloonard L-11714-0