National Broadband Plan

Surveying and design work for the National Broadband Plan (NBP) rollout commenced in Longford on Monday 31st August 2020


In Longford, there are 8,602 premises in the Intervention Area (IA) AMBER area of the National Broadband Plan which includes homes, farms, commercial businesses and schools. This equates almost 40% of all premises in the county.

Under the National Broadband Plan, Longford will see an investment of €32M in the new high-speed fibre broadband network. This will enable e-learning, remote monitoring of livestock or equipment, e-health initiatives, better energy efficiency in the home, and more remote working.

National Broadband Ireland (NBI) are the company undertaking the fibre network roll-out to enable high speed broadband connectivity for 537,000 premises across the country.  Click here for press release: National Broadband Ireland (NBI) start surveying works in Longford

Check to see if your premise is in included in the Intervention Area (IA) AMBER area of the National Broadband Plan at   You can also register to be kept updated on the rollout progress. If you have any queries in relation to your premises you can contact NBI by emailing or lo-call 0818 624 624.


What is the National Broadband Plan?

The National Broadband Plan is a government strategy designed to deliver high speed broadband services to all businesses and households in Ireland.

The Government has signed the contract with National Broadband Ireland (NBI) on the 19th November, 2019 to deliver high speed broadband in areas (amber) where there are currently no plans for commercial development. 

National Broadband Ireland will be delivering high speed broadband to 37% (22,000) premises in county Longford.  This is good news for the many homes and business premises in the county who are seriously adversely affected by lack of broadband. This means an investment of €32 million in Longford.

What is high speed broadband?

High speed broadband is a minimum speed of 30Mbps download and 6Mbps upload

How do I find my Eircode?

Go to and click on "Find an Eircode" - Type in your address and click on search. If you search for an address which is shared by more than one property in the area, you should locate the exact property on the map provided. Select the "View on Map" Option. Move the map to position the target over your property and click "Get Eircode"

How can I access the High Speed Broadband Map?

Visit Using the Map? Enter your Eircode and click on "Check". This will tell you if your premises is in an AMBER, BLUE , OR LIGHT BLUE area.

ComReg Outdoor Mobile Coverage Map

My property is in the AMBER area, what does this mean?

The Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment is currently in a procurement process to engage a company to build and maintain the high speed broadband network in the Amber Area. After contract award, the Department will publish the network rollout plan.

My property is in the LIGHT BLUE area, what does this mean?

This means that you live in an area where commercial operators are planning to deliver high speed broadband by the end of 2018.

My property is in the BLUE area, What does this mean?

This means that you have, or will soon have, access to high speed broadband provided by at least one commercial operator. Depending on where you live, you may have a choice of operators offering you this service. 

I am in a BLUE area and cannot get services, what should I do?

Check with all operators offering service in your area. If you have exhausted this avenue, please contact the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment at and Please provide us with details of your query, the operator(s) you have contacted and your Eircode.

How can I get High Speed Broadband?

  1. Using your Eircode, check your address on the National Broadband Plan High Speed Broadband Map
  2. If you are in the AMBER area you will get high speed broadband under the State intervention phase of the National Broadband Plan. For updates and progress reports check
  3. f you in a LIGHT BLUE area check the website to find out when high speed broadband will roll out in your area.
  4. If you are in a BLUE area contact a Retail Service Provider in your area to place an order.

For further information

Visit: Email: or

If you need help contact our Library services on :

  • Longford Library - Phone: 043 3341124/3340727
  • Lanesborough Library - Phone: 043 3321291
  • Ballymahon Library - Phone: 090 6432546
  • Drumlish Library - Phone: 043 3324760
  • Edgeworthstown Library - Phone: 043 6671927
  • Granard Library - Phone: 043 6686164