The overall objective is to develop a public road network adequate to cater for the ever-increasing volume of modern traffic and to provide the necessary infrastructure to support economic and social development, with due regard for the safety and amenity of all road users. "Public Road" means a road over which a public right-of-way exists and the responsibility for the maintenance of which lies on a road authority.

Fundamental to the development of County Longford is a requirement that the road network meets projected traffic growth and safety requirements in order to sustain current and future activities. Strengthening economic activity is of the utmost importance and needs to be supported by a good quality road network. Likewise if Longford is to benefit from tourism growth and the attractions of its lakes, rivers and scenic beauty, then the road network, and particularly our regional and county roads, must be of a good standard, inviting and safe for visitor and locals alike.

The fact that Longford is strategically located near the centre of Ireland and is traversed by National Primary Routes N4 and N5 and National Secondary Routes N55 and N63 gives rise to significant traffic flows on roads throughout the county. Many of these roads were originally designed to standards, which do not reflect this usage. Given the intensive nature of agricultural activity and the pressure of modem industry in the county, it is imperative that our road policies address these issues and deficiencies.

In order to preserve and improve the physical attractiveness of Longford as a county for both residents and visitors, use of highest environmental and aesthetic standards in future road design will be promoted and encouraged.

Implementation of the works proposed is dependent on almost 100% Grant Aid from either the National Roads Authority or Department of the Environment and Local Government. The achievement therefore of this program is predicated on this grant aid forthcoming on time and at the levels needed to achieve the objectives outlined.

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