Management Team

Longford County Council Chief Executive

Chief Executive
Paddy Mahon

Longford County Council Directors of Services

Head of Finance
John McKeon

Responsibility for Finance and Information Technology
Areas include:
• Financial Planning and Reporting
• Financial Governance, Income Generation, Audit and Compliance
• Information Technology
• Governance Strategic Policy Committee (SPC)

Director of Services
Barbara Heslin
Responsibility for Community, Library and Cultural Services, Corporate and Human Resources
Areas include: 
• Community Development
• Library and Cultural Services
• Corporate
• Human Resources
• Placemaking SPC

Director of Services
Samantha Healy
Responsibility for Infrastructure, Climate Action and Innovation
Areas include:
• Climate Action
• Emergency Services
• Environment
• Roads
• Water Services
• Innovation
• Veterinary and Animal Control
• Strategic Infrastructure SPC

John Brannigan
Director of Services
John Brannigan

Responsibility for Housing, Planning, Regeneration and Capital Projects
Areas include:
• Housing
• Planning
• Regeneration,
• Capital Projects
• Climate Action and Planning SPC

Acting Director of Services
Michael Nevin

Responsibility for Enterprise and Ukrainian Humanitarian Response
Areas include:
• Enterprise
• Ukrainian Humanitarian Response