Granard Regeneration Strategy

Granard Regeneration Survey 2040 

Longford County Council have appointed Nicholas de Jong Associates (Urban Design) and Future Analytics Consulting Ltd (Planning/Economics) to prepare a Regeneration Strategy for Granard. The Strategy will embrace the challenge of adaptation from 20th century market town role to a new economy and new community-driven approaches to planning and urban design, whilst imagining new roles and a new identity for the town. This will include developing and delivering the most effective presentation (layout and design of public and private spaces), land uses, tourism potential and traffic management associated with the area, to guide the development of the Town to 2040.

The key components that need to be considered to ensure the proper planning of the scheme are:
·        The realisation of the tourism and economic potential of the town, particularly in relation to the forthcoming flagship tourism attraction at Granard Motte.
·        The connectivity and permeability throughout the town, including unfinished backland developments.
·        The future road network and how this may impact both pedestrian and vehicular movement.
·        The quality of life of existing and future residents in the town, through the integrated delivery of improved connectivity, recreational opportunity, enhanced public realm, and high-quality built form and architecture.
Vision: The future for Granard is seen, as a re-imagined, unique town centre and tourism hub acting as a key service provider in North Longford, within Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands.
It is anticipated that this strategy will be utilised by Longford County Council in tailoring and advancing specific actions which will facilitate enterprise and economic development in a plan-led manner, with a focus on revitalising Granard and accommodating economic growth.

As an integral part of this process we would like to engage with the wider community to gain a better understanding of how the town is used, the issues/opportunities that are present, and the development of an overall vision which has the full support of the people of Granard.

If you would like to become involved with this exciting opportunity to shape the future of Granard, please complete the following survey by Sunday 30th August.

All responses to the survey are anonymous, with the findings retained only for the purpose of informing the development of the project, unless otherwise agreed by the respondent.

If you would like to discuss the project or survey in greater detail please contact

Many thanks in advance for your participation.

Granard-Community-Survey-Poster.pdf (size 1.4 MB)