Planning applications and submissions can soon be made online via new e-Planning portal

Planning applications and submissions can soon be made online via new e-Planning portal
Longford County Council to introduce new online system at the end of this month

Press Release
13 March 2023

Longford County Council are delighted to announce that from the end of March 2023, planning applications and submissions can be made online via the new e-Planning system.

Part of a national phased rollout, the new system aims to modernise the processing and administration of planning applications. Using an e-planning portal, the public will be able to submit their planning applications and lodge submissions on existing planning applications.

e-Planning will improve efficiency in the planning process. It will make information more easily and readily available, reduce paper and ink use, and have associated cost savings. It also delivers on the government strategy to move more public services online.

Longford County Council is currently engaging with planning agents, engineers, architects, and technicians who will regularly interact with the Council’s Planning Department to assist with the transition to electronic planning submissions.

The portal was successfully pilot tested in Tipperary and Galway County Councils, with the majority of all applications submitted online since the system went live in December 2021.

Longford County Council Cathaoirleach Cllr Turlough McGovern said, “This modernisation of the planning process is very welcome as it is great news for Longford people who can now use these services online. Having explored the system myself, I know it is easy to use. However, help is available from the Planning section of the Council, if needed.”

Longford County Council Chief Executive Paddy Mahon added, “The Council looks forward to people now being able to submit planning applications online. We are always looking for new ways to make our services more easily available to people and this new e-Planning portal is a welcome step forward in this direction.”

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