Polling Scheme

A polling scheme divides the county into 'electoral areas', 'electoral divisions', 'polling districts' and 'townlands' for Dáil and local elections. The polling scheme also appoints a polling place for each polling district and must be updated every 10 years or in the event of any electoral boundary changes. 

The current polling scheme is effective from 13 October 2022. It was prepared in accordance with the provision of the Electoral Acts, 1992-2001 and the Electoral (Polling Scheme) Regulations 2021. View the current Polling Scheme online or in Longford County Council offices on Great Water Street. A copy of the Polling Scheme is available for purchase from Longford County Council Corporate Services for €5.

You can also view Polling District Maps for Ballymahon Local Electoral Area (LEA), Granard LEA, and Longford LEA