Strategic Policy Committees

Strategic Policy Committees (SPCs) are tasked with advising and assisting the Council in the formulate, evaluate and report on policy. These committees were introduced within a context of local government reform aimed at enhancing participation of community and sectoral interests. 

SPCs allow committee members an opportunity for full involvement in the policy making process from the early stages. These committees can also benefit from the experience of external organisation in the formulation of policy.  

Membership of SPCs include county councillors, representatives of business, farming interests, environmental and conservation groups, trade unions and community and voluntary members. Sectoral representatives are relevant to the work of the specific SPCs to which they are a member. Membership of Committees contains more information about who are part of Longford County Council's SPCs. 

Each SPC must also have a minimum one third of the membership drawn from the sectoral interests. A SPC's Cathaoirleach (or 'Chairperson') is appointed from Longford's County Councillors. Councillors' membership of a SPC lasts for the lifetime of the Council, with their membership ending should they no longer be a County Councillor. Councillors may not be nominated to represent sectoral interests.

Longford County Council's SPCs

Policy areas include:
Climate Action SPCClimate change adaption, emergency planning, flood resilience, public awareness and education, waste management, and biodiversity. 
Strategic Infrastructure SPCSocial housing and estate management, housing construction, financial assistance for persons in need of housing, local improvement schemes, road safety
Placemaking SPCUrban and rural regeneration, social inclusion, and tourism, library and culture development, sports participation and facilities
Governance SPCRisk management, health and safety, control and compliance, ethics and information communications technology

Strategic Policy Committee Scheme 

Our latest Adopted Strategic Policy Committee Scheme 2019-2024 provides more information on SPCs, including their structure and membership.