Historical Planning Maps

How to conduct a planning search

You can search online on the following link: Online Planning.  You can search by the applicant name or development address. You can also search by map, all planning reference numbers from the year 2000 to present have been added to the map. If you can't find the planning reference online, you will need to search the historical planning maps.

How to Use the historical planning maps

The maps are numbered from number 1 to 27. You will need to check the grid map to find which map you need.  Alternatively, you can also search the Townland Register here.  The townland register will give you the map number you need and it will also show you what section of the map that it is on, e.g. Abbeycarton is on map 8 and it is between sections 4 & 8 on the map. When you find the planning reference number on the map that you need, you can order the file from archives if it's not scanned online. The fee for retrieving a file is €10 and it must be paid before the file is ordered by phoning the Planning office. You can complete the form here and email it to planning@longfordcoco.ie.