Longford Town Centre First Strategy

The Longford Town Centre First Strategy sets out a pathway for the further development of Longford Town to create a unique cultural, tourism and heritage destination. This development includes the physical environment, as well as economic and social infrastructure. 

This new strategy has a vision to make Longford a:

  1. Town of cultural and heritage significance optimising its unique architectural attributes and urban characteristics.
  2. Vibrant economic town that capitalises on its retail, tourism and hospitality offer, and embraces digital transformation and innovation.
  3. Sustainable town that prioritises climate change adaptation and the regeneration of public spaces and town centre living.
  4. Socially connected town that supports communities through inclusive places and spaces.
  5. Safe, welcoming and accessible town that values sustainable mobility, age friendly initiatives and universal design principles.

The new strategy includes nine transformational proposals along with a seven year roadmap to achievement. They are: 

  1. An Improved and Connected Public Realm
  2. An Integrated Sean Connolly Barracks and Plaza
  3. Tackling Vacant Buildings and Dereliction
  4. Walkways and River Access
  5. Longford Town Identity and Marketing
  6. A Social Community and Wellbeing Hub
  7. Transport Links
  8. Unlocking the Backlands
  9. Housing and Town Centre Living

The Longford Town Centre First Strategy works towards the Government of Ireland’s Our Rural Future Strategy and Project Ireland 2040.