Digital Strategy 2021-2023

Centred and Connected Digital Longford

Longford County Council has prepared a Digital Strategy 2021-2023: Centred & Connected Digital Longford. This is a first for an Irish local authority. 

It sets out the ambition and direction for digital transformation, connectivity and technological infrastructure throughout the county. 

The strategy will build on existing resources, knowledge, networks and plans to create a digital blueprint for Longford. It also embraces national and international digital advancements. 

It will be a resource to inform and support future policy and strategy.

Ultimately, it aims to ensure that local communities and economies are making the most of digital for their competitiveness, cohesion and sustainability

The Strategy was informed by stakeholder consultations. It was approved at a Longford County Council meeting on 15 September 2021.

Read the full Digital Strategy 2021-2023: Centred & Connected Digital Longford.



Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform 

Next2 Met have approved Longford’s ‘Digital consultations to inform Local Digital Strategies’ as a Good Practice project which is now hosted on the Next2Met website.

What is a Good practice? Why are Good practices so relevant for Interreg Europe projects?

In the framework of the Interreg Europe Programme, a good practice is defined as an initiative (e.g. policy, project, process, technique), which has proved to be successful in a region and which is of potential interest to other regions.
Key characteristics of a Good practice are:
-    Availability of tangible and measurable results
-    Potential to be replicated in another geographical area
-    Innovative in the context of the topic tackled by the project
-    Long- term durability 

Partners work together on a shared regional policy issue by exchanging good practices in order to find inspiration and integrate the lessons learnt from this cooperation into their policies.  All the Good practices shared by Next2Met partners are available here


This Good Practice ‘Digital consultations to inform Local Digital Strategies’ used by Longford County Council ensured high participation and proved to be a more efficient tool to conduct public consultations by allowing policymakers to gain insights/data in real-time and eliminating the process of transcribing. Furthermore, it is a readily transferable practice, which requires minimum technical expertise and can be easily used in other regions and geographical areas for public consultations with stakeholders.