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Longford County Council is seeking every opportunity to enhance the environment. The Environment Section, as well as carrying out pollution control, are actively involved in other projects and work areas including waste management, energy conservation, burial grounds, control of dogs & horses and education. 


Longford County Council's Environment section was re-established in 2002 as a result of Better Local Government. Longford is strategically located in the midlands basin. The majority of it's area is located in the River Shannon catchment, whilst the north east of the county is in the River Erne catchment. Agriculture, food processing, health care and water based tourism are critically important industries to Co. Longford and, therefore, the protection of the environment is a key objective of the Council.

Environment Section Services:

Major industries and major waste facilities are licensed by the Environment Protection Agency, E.P.A. The Environment Section monitors and controls industries and waste activities that fall beneath the E.P.A.'s remit and an assortment of essential environmental services. These activities are:

  • Water Pollution Monitoring & Control
  • Air Pollution Monitoring & Control
  • Waste Management Plan Implementation
  • Waste Management Permitting & Enforcement
  • Control of Hazardous Waste Movements
  • Pollution Incident Response
  • Environmental Awareness & Education
  • Burial Grounds
  • Animal Control
  • Litter Control & Tidy Towns


Staff in the section include a Scientific Officer, Environmental Awareness Officer, Engineers, Environmental Technicians and Farm Inspectors and Administrative staff. Staff are based in the Council Offices at Great Water Street and in the Council Laboratory on Park Road, Longford.