Burials and Cemetery Support Scheme

Longford burial grounds

Longford County Council is responsible for the management of several cemeteries in County Longford. Under the 2011 Cemetery Byelaws, it is necessary to apply to the Council to acquire a right of burial in a grave space before any burial takes place.

For this, complete the Application to Purchase or Register Right of Burial form and return to burials@longfordcoco.ie. Charges for graves are €450 for a single plot and €800 for a double plot. 

Separate to this application, you must also liaise with the cemetery caretaker in relation to the proper management and recording of each burial.  Your undertaker can do this on your behalf.

Memorial headstones

To erect a memorial headstone, a Permission to Erect a Memorial Headstone or Other Structure or Amendment of Monument application form needs to be completed. It should be completed by the company responsible for the erection or modification of the structure (for example, the sculptor). 

Failure to comply with Longford County Council's Cemetery Bye-laws may result in enforcement action.

If it is the company's first application for that year, they need to include a copy of their public liability insurance. Their insurance should have an indemnity of a minimum of €6.5m. Longford County Council must be indemnified on this insurance.

The completed form should be returned to burials@longfordcoco.ie. This form can also be posted or returned in person to the Environment Department, Camlin Court, Longford County Council. 

This must be done before any work takes place in a Longford County Council-owned cemetery. 

A risk assessment must be carried out before any work takes place. Please see the Health and Safety Authority's Safe Systems of Work Plan which can be used to guide your risk assessment. 

Cemetery Support Scheme

The Cemetery Support Scheme is closed for 2023. Call back in 2024 for details of any future funding opportunities under this scheme.

Longford County Council Cemetery Support Scheme provides financial aid to local community and voluntary groups involved in maintenance and upkeep of cemeteries in the county. Grants are subject to verified expenditure, up to a maximum of €400 per cemetery. This is subject to review depending on the number of applications and the overall grant budget. 

The Cemetery Support Scheme application form should give a brief outline of the type of activities in which the group is involved, list the cemeteries for which grant aid is sought and provide details of proposed works, for example, grass cutting, weeding, litter control, shrub planting and clean up activities. Applicants must provide a contact telephone number.

Applications are open until Friday, 6 October 2023.