Burial Grounds & Cemetery Support Scheme

Longford Burial Grounds

Longford County Council is responsible for the management of a number of cemeteries across the County.

Under the 2011 Cemetery Byelaws, it is necessary to apply to the Council to acquire a Right of Burial in a grave space PRIOR to any burial taking place.

Completion of the application form does not negate the requirement to liaise with the cemetery caretaker in relation to the proper management and recording of each burial.  The Undertaker can do this on your behalf.

Link to Application Form:2022.10.20-Application-to-Purchase-or-Register-Right-of-Burial-.pdf (size 109.4 KB)

Cemetery Support Scheme

Longford County Council’s cemetery support scheme is intended to provide limited financial support to local community and voluntary groups involved in maintenance and upkeep of cemeteries in the county.

The application should give a brief outline of the type of activities in which the committee is involved, list the cemeteries for which grant aid is sought and provide details of proposed works e.g. grass cutting; weeding; litter control, shrub planting, & clean up activities.  Applicants must provide a contact telephone number.

The maximum grant will be €400 for any one cemetery but this may be subject to review depending on the number of applications and having regard to the overall grant budget.

For further information about the scheme and to download an application form please see: