Delivery of Service

Operation and Maintenance of Public Water Supply Schemes:

The County Council maintains 8 Public Water Supply Schemes through a network of Water Caretakers working under the supervision of the Department's technical staff. The largest scheme -Longford- produces over 7000 cubic meters of water per day. At present, some 80% of the County population is served with a public water supply.

Provision and Improvement of Schemes:

Grants are available to the County Council from the EU Cohesion Funds for the development of major schemes. The Department of the Environment and Local Government, also, operates a small schemes programme which is used to fund the provision and improvement of schemes which cost less than €317,500.

Licences for Water and Sewerage Connections:

The County Council provide licences to the public to connect to water and sewerage schemes. The cost includes a standard charge for the licence, charges for road restoration and an insurance charge. Application forms and information are available from the Water Services section at Aras an Chontae. You can also download the form here : Application form for Water and Sewerage Connection 

Grants for Improvement of Water Supply:

In the case of households not connected to the public water supply, grants of up to 75% of the cost to a maximum of €2032 are available from the Local Authority to enable households with a private supply to provide or upgrade water supplies.

Grants for Group Water and Sewerage Schemes:

Grants are available from the County Council for the provision of Group Water & Sewerage Schemes and an annual operational subsidy per household is paid in respect of houses which are connected to both privately sourced and publicly sourced groups.

Provision of Treatment Facilities:

Longford County Council maintains 9 public sewerage schemes throughout the County. Local Authorities are obliged to provide treatment facilities to a level required under EU legislation. The Council has a programme for updating existing schemes to provide the required level of treatment.

Click the following link for details on Longford Wastewater Treatment Plant

Monitoring of Water Quality:

Maintenance and management of the operation of Water Treatment Plants are continuously under review. Drinking waters are monitored in accordance with the requirements set down under European Communities ( Quality of Water intended for Human Consumption) Regulations, 1988. Samples of water at various stages on water schemes are taken on a regular basis. A report on the quality of water is produced monthly and is available from the County Council offices.

Classes of Records held:

  • Operational details in relation to schemes e.g. maps of pipe works
  • Details of applications for water and sewerage connections
  • General files in relation to water and sewerage schemes
  • Contracts for the provision and maintenance of schemes