Longford Intercultural Working Group

Longford Intercultural Working Group

Longford County Council, working with key agencies, established an Intercultural Working Group to promote equality and facilitate greater inclusion of all communities in the county. The group provides a forum for sharing information, interagency cooperation and the coordination of services.

Longford Intercultural Working Group aims to provide a forum to share information, promote interagency cooperation and coordinate the delivery of local services. 

Intercultural Forum

Longford County Council and Longford Public Participation Network (PPN) facilitated an Intercultural Forum meeting in the Longford Arms. This meeting provided information to migrant groups and listened to and discussed issued of concern in these communities.

Intercultural Strategic Plan 2018-2022

Longford County Council's Intercultural Strategic Plan 2018-2022 addresses the needs of the migrant, Traveller, Roma, and indigenous Irish communities. It recommends an agile and adaptive strategy to encourage social inclusion and cohesion for established and new minority communities across the county.

Intercultural Grants

In 2023, €15,000 in intercultural grants assisted projects which support our new communities in County Longford. This funding will help to celebrate the rich diversity of cultures in Longford. 

Africa Day 2023

Longford County Council secured €6,500 on behalf of Longford African Network which hosted an Africa Day event on Saturday, 27 May 2023. The theme for last year’s event was ‘Africa: Opportunities in Challenging Times’.

Group of eight people standing for a photo, holding a Longford County Council sign

There was a keynote address and panel discussion on business and partnership opportunities in Ireland and African countries. There was also an awards ceremony for ‘Outstanding Africans and Allies’, as well as music arts, entertainment and sports activities.

Africa Day celebrations are organised by Irish Aid at the Department of Foreign Affairs, in partnership with African embassies in Ireland and local authorities around the country.

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