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Estate Management

Estate Management

The concept of tenant consultation and tenant participation in the running of housing estates has been around for many years and is now widely endorsed as an appropriate aspect of housing management. Local residents have an active part to play in estate management and the most effective forum for this is through Residents Associations. Over the past few months the housing Liaison Officer has been working with existing Residents Associations across the county and facilitating and encouraging the establishment of a number of new Resident's Associations. It is essential that there is a solid communication link between tenants and the local authority. Another important step has been taken to improve this link. A tenant handbook has been produced that sets out useful information in a clear and easily understood format. Topics covered in the handbook include:

  • Landlord & Tenant responsibilities with regard to repairs
  • Anti Social Behaviour  
  • Housing Options
  • Local Authority Rents
  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Tenant Participation in Estate Management

View a copy of our Tenant Handbook

View Estate Management Complaints Form Estate Management Complaint form.pdf (size 164.7 KB)

Anti Social Complaints can be sent by confidentially to asbcomplaints@longfordcoco.ie