Rented Local Authority Housing

Building/Acquisition of Houses

Longford County Council has a housing stock of over 2200 properties ownership. Targets for new housing stock will be determined under the new Housing For All plan which will outline Social Housing Delivery targets for the county and the rate of delivery in any given year is linked to location-specific demand and national housing delivery targets.  

Longford County Council will continue to meet their identified social housing provision requirements via a combination of the existing delivery schemes that are in place:

  • The construction of properties specifically by Longford County Council.
  • Acquisitions by Longford County Council of second-hand properties on the open market.
  • Portfolio Acquisitions – This related to suitable portfolios of vacant properties which can be secured by Longford County Council from financial institutions and investors.
  • Turnkeys - Longford County Council buy a new property or properties from a developer, that are ready for occupation.
  • Provision of Social Housing under Part V of the Planning and Development Acts 2000 will continue to play a role in the delivery of social housing in County Longford. Other delivery channels for social housing are likely to be more significant in terms of their potential to contribute to the social housing targets
  • Buy and Renew - Under this scheme Longford County Council can buy sub-standard properties, which have been vacant for over a year, refurbish them and bring them back into use as part of the Council’s housing stock.
  • Capital Assistance Scheme (CAS) - Provision of accommodation for persons with specific categories of housing need such as Homeless and Older Persons, People with Disabilities Returning
  • Capital Assistance Leasing Scheme – continue to assist Approved Housing Bodies to access finance from financial institutions and the Housing Finance Agency (HFA) that can be used to purchase or construct properties
  • Vacant Housing Repair and Leasing Initiative - This scheme identifies appropriate vacant privately-owned properties with the Council providing upfront financial assistance to meet reasonable renovation works and to enter long term lease arrangements with property owners.


Housing Adaptation Grant to Local Authority Houses

The Housing Adaptation Grant for People with a Disability is available to assist in the carrying out of works which are reasonably necessary for the purposes of rendering a house more suitable for the accommodation of a person with a disability who has an enduring physical, sensory, mental health or intellectual impairment.

Below are examples of the works covered:

  • Level access shower
  • Ramp
  • Hold rails
  • Stair lift
  • Extensions - only in cases where no other options are available e.g. Transfer to more suitable accommodation. 

Please click link to dowload application form DPG-application-form.doc (size 139.8 KB)

For further details phone 043-3343499 or email

Remedial Works schemes

The remedial works schemes allow the Local Authority to completely renovate a street or scheme of Local Authority houses thus providing up-to- date facilities in previously sub-standard accommodation.

House Maintenance

How to report a housing maintenance issue in your local authority home:

Please refer to your housing maintenance handbook to first check if the issue you are encountering is the tenant’s responsibility to repair, or the responsibility of Longford County Council.

If you then wish to log the issue with the housing maintenance team, please do so by calling 043 33 43499 and select the option for housing maintenance.

Alternatively, you can email to

Conas saincheist chothabhála tithíochta i do theach údaráis áitiúil a thuairisciú:

Déan tagairt le do thoil do do lámhleabhar cothabhála tithíochta le seiceáil ar dtús an bhfuil an tsaincheist atá le sárú agat ag an tionónta atá freagrach as deisiúchán, faoi fhreagracht Chomhairle Contae Longfoirt.

Más mian leat cheist a logáil leis an bhfoireann cothabhála tithíochta, cuir glaoch ar 043 33 43499 agus roghnaigh an rogha maidir le cothabháil tithíochta.

Nó is féidir leat ríomhphost a chur chuig

Guidance on Controlling Condensation and Mould in your home please click on the link LCC-Controlling-Condensation-and-Mould.pdf (size 498.1 KB

Application and assessment for rented Local Authority Housing

To apply for accommodation it is necessary to complete an application form which can be obtained along with full details from the Housing Office. Your application will be assessed under the " Scheme of Letting Priorities" to determine eligibility. In considering your application various reports may be sought and taken into consideration e.g. Medical reports; Health Board reports; Environmental Health Officer's report and report from other Local Authority if previously a tenant.

Transfer applications

Applications for a transfer can only be considered where the tenants seeking the transfer fulfill the following requirements:

  • hold the tenancy in their present dwelling, for a period of at least ten years.
  • have a clear rent account for at least six months
  • have kept their dwelling in satisfactory condition, subject to inspection;
  • have complied with the conditions of their Tenancy Agreement
  • have no record of anti-social behaviour

However a transfer may also be considered in the following circumstances:

  1. Overcrowding;
  2. Where older persons and other households wish to move to smaller accommodation (downsizing);
  3. Medical reasons – independent medical assessment may be sought when applying on medical grounds.

Further further information please email

Housing allocations

As vacancies arise, houses will be allocated in accordance with applicants position on the waiting list as determined under the "Scheme of Letting Priorities" and the Council's "Statement of Policy on Housing Management". The "Tenancy Agreement" sets out the conditions applying to the tenancy and must be signed by each tenant or jointly by both tenants where a joint tenancy is granted.

Housing Rent system; Rent & Tenant purchase annuity collection

Rents on all houses now allocated are based on the " Differential Rents Scheme" as updated. This scheme sets minimum rents for Local Authority houses with rents assessed only on the household’s reckonable sources of income in accordance with Longford County Council’s Differential Rent Scheme.
Longford County Council gives tenants the following options concerning the method of paying rent or tenant purchase annuities:

  • Weekly door to door collection
  • Payment at Cash Desk during office hours
  • Payment through An Post Household Budgeting Scheme for tenants in receipt of certain Social Welfare payments
  • Payment through the Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS).
  • Standing Orders to be deducted from Bank Accounts.

It is the tenant’s responsibility under their Tenancy Agreement to ensure that they submit the correct details to Longford County Council for rent calculation purposes and to ensure that their household composition is correct and up to date.

If there has been a change in your circumstances please return a fully completed rent review form with supporting documentation to Rents Section, Housing Department, Longford Town Hall, Market Square, Longford.

LCC-Adopted-Differential-Rent-Scheme-2023.docx (size 32.5 KB)

Housing-Rent-Review-form_.pdf (size 265.2 KB)

Request-to-Add-Household-Member.pdf (size 253.9 KB)

Application-to-remove-a-household-member-or-occupant.pdf (size 230.4 KB)

Procedure-to-Remove-a-Joint-Tenant.pdf (size 93.3 KB)

Application-for-Reduction-in-Rent-due-to-Hardship-2023.pdf (size 120.8 KB)

FAQs.pdf (size 112.8 KB)

For queries, please email: