Housing Forms

Longford County Council housing has traditionally been the main option for those who could not afford housing from their own resources. While other housing options have been introduced in recent years, local authorities remain the main providers of social housing, making available a range of rented housing to meet a variety of accommodation needs.  

Am I eligible for Council Housing?
  • You must be in genuine need of housing and be unable to provide accommodation from your own resources.
  • Right to live in Ireland - You must have a legal right to remain in the State on a long term basis.
  • Age - You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Income - your net income must be below the thresholds below:- The current income eligibility model includes allowances of 5% for each additional adult household member (subject to max. 10%) and 2.5% for each child.
  • Single Adult €30,000
    2 Adults No Children €31,500
    1 Adult 1 Child €30,750
    1 Adult 2 Children €31,500
    2 Adults 1 Child €32,250
    2 Adults 2 Children €33,000
    2 Adults 3 Children €33,750
    2 Adults 4 Children €34,500
    3 Adults or more 4 Children €35,000

Housing Areas

You may apply to one Local Authority only.

How long will it take before I get offered housing?

Unfortunately this cannot be determined. It should be noted that allocations take into account such things as household needs i.e. bed need, areas of choice and demand for housing in the selected areas.  Also, in addition to the above, changes in family or extenuating circumstances may affect a household’s position on the waiting list.  All houses are allocated in accordance with Longford-Local-Authorities-Allocation-Scheme.doc (size 99.3 KB)


Application for Social Housing Support  

*Please ensure all documentation submitted is translated to English by an official Translator.

Please note that a VALID hard copy application and associated documentation will only be accepted. In the event that any of the items listed below are omitted the application will be deemed INVALID and will be returned along with all documentation to you the applicant. N.B.Please note the application form must include a physical signature.

Longford County Council shall issue a decision on eligibility for Social Housing support on valid applications within a period of 12 weeks, if further information is requested a further period of 4 weeks is allowable to complete the full assessment and issue a decision on eligibility.

Forms for Social Housing Support:

2022-Revised-Social-Housing-Application-Form-Copy.pdf (size 954.7 KB)

Co-Correspondent-Form_.pdf (size 233.8 KB)

Easy-to-Read-Guide-to-Filling-in-the-Social-Housing-Support-Application-Form-2022-FINAL.pdf (size 1.8 MB)

The HMD Form is form is for anyone who is applying for social housing or a social housing transfer due to a disability or medical grounds. The information provided will be used to assess if priority status should be awarded to an application.

  • Part 1 of the form is for the applicant to fill in their details,
  • Part 2 of the form is for the first Healthcare Professional to fill in, and
  • Part 3 of the form is for the second Healthcare Professional to fill in

HMD-Form-1-Part-1.pdf (size 186.1 KB)

HMD-Form-1-Part-2.pdf (size 136.3 KB)

HMD-Form-1-Part-3.pdf (size 135 KB)

Before you submit an application, Please ensure you meet the following Criteria

  • You are over 18 years of age or over.
  • You are in need of housing.
  • You are unable to provide accommodation from your own resources.
  • Your net income must not exceed the thresholds outlined above

For further information contact Housing applications team at housingofficer@longfordcoco.ie or at 043-3343499

Rent Reviews

Tenant who wish to have their Rent Review based on a Change on Household Circumstances can complete a Rent Review Form Housing-Rent-Review-form_.pdf (size 265.2 KB)

Application form for a reduction in rent based on hardship grounds Application-for-Reduction-in-Rent.doc (size 58.4 KB)