Flexibility Requests with Regard to Proposed Application for Permission or Approval

A process has been introduced whereby a prospective applicant who wishes to avail of a degree of flexibility in a planning application may, in advance of submitting the planning application, request a meeting with the planning authority or An Bord Pleanála for the purpose of receiving an opinion as to whether it is appropriate that an application for permission be made before certain details of the proposed development are confirmed.

This process is intended to apply to certain details of a proposed development and is not intended to apply to points of detail generally dealt with by way of compliance condition and agreed between the applicant and the planning authority or An Bord Pleanála post-consent.

If you are considering applying for a ‘Flexibility Meeting’ in relation to items set out  above, it is recommended that you first seek a standard Section 247 Pre-Planning Consultation meeting to discuss whether flexibility provisions may apply to your proposed development.

If you then wish to proceed, you may complete the application form available below.

Fees are set out in the document


Full details of the flexibility provisions are set out in the Circular and Regulations attached below.

Related Forms

Flexibility Meeting Request Form.docx (size 49.2 KB)

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