Information Available

Queries from suppliers about individual payments should be directed to the Accounts Payable Section.
Explanatory leaflets and clarification of the Superannuation Code are available on request from the Finance Department.
Local press carries notice of Annual Budget Meeting and once adopted the Budget is available for inspection during office hours. Copies may be supplied to members of the public for a nominal charge.

Information is available on the Annual Financial Statement from the Head of Finance or any member of the Finance staff. Written information is in the form of the Statement document, which is available to the public following its completion. Accounts are open for inspection by all interested parties during office hours for 7 days before audit. Public notice of same is given in the local press.

Classes of Records held:

  • Annual Financial Statement 
  • Annual Budget
  • Payment Records
  • Payroll Records
  • Members Register
  • Superannuation Registers
  • Insurance Registers
  • Mortgage Registers