Prompt Payments

All invoices should be sent directly to Accounts Payable, Longford County Council, Great Water Street, Longford or by email to, they should not be sent directly to individuals in other sections.

Invoices should be addressed to Longford County Council and quote the invoice number, VAT/Tax Reference number and a valid purchase order number that should be supplied by the person when ordering the goods or services.

Payment will be made once the goods and/or services have been received – suppliers are asked to provide a copy of proof of delivery with the valid invoice where goods or services have been delivered to a remote location to reduce any delays. We are committed to paying all valid invoices received in Accounts Payable within 30 days of receipt or as specified by contract.

Payment will be made by Electronic Funds Transfer only, so it is imperative that suppliers complete the EFT form available from the Accounts Payable section and submit it with a copy of the top of a current bank statement.

If there is a query on any outstanding invoices please contact the Accounts Payable section directly by email or by phone to 043 3343 392/393/347. 

Full details of our Prompt Payments records are available here.