Public Consultation & Events

Public Consultation: 21 Feb- 20 March 2022

The concept of community safety is about people being safe and feeling safe in their own community.

Ireland is generally regarded as a safe country, with relatively low crime rates and a general feeling of safety and security. 

However, we recognise that this is not the case in every section of the community and that people from  disadvantaged areas  or backgrounds , from vulnerable groups (such as older people, LGBTQI+, ethnic minorities) can have a different experience of  ‘safety’ in their community.

The Local Community Safety Partnership (LCSP) is responsible for developing a tailored and prioritised local Community Safety Plan  for Longford- in conjunction with  community members, businesses and community and public services.

We also want to build capacity of local residents ,to help them to engage meaningfully in the Local Community Safety Partnership and grow local community leadership and participation.

Public Consultation

 Longford Local Community Safety Partnership has identified 5 broad themes  to develop the Community Safety Plan

There are lots of sub-topics that come under each theme just some of them are listed below- we want to identify what the priorities  for Longford should be:

1.  Policing and Emergency Services

Crime, Garda Response, Drugs related Crime, Crime Prevention

2.  Community Engagement and Development

Improving Longfords Image, Capacity Building, Community Led Initiatives, work with minority/vulnerable groups

3.  Youth;  Prevention Initiatives & Education

Services and projects for young people, Education supports- all types, Awareness Campaigns for drugs, social issues, supporting jobs

4.  Public Spaces and Amenities

Improving public areas, dereliction, public lighting, Town Centre Renewal, CCTV

5.  Community Services and Family Supports

Community & State agency supports, helping people accessing services, building better collaboration

We want to know what you think the LCSP should focus on when developing a Community Safety Plan for Longford.

Consultation Survey for Individuals/Groups/Organisations

We would like to invite you to share your views on community safety in County Longford by taking our survey here.

You can complete the survey as an individual, or as a community/voluntary group , business or other official organisation.

We want  you to tell us what your safety concerns and priorities are , so we can work towards our vision:

Longford: an inclusive community- where everyone is safe; feels safe and is respected           

Please make sure that your views are heard 


If you would like to have your say in this consultation but require assistance in any way – please email Janine Bartley (Community Safety Coordinator- Longford) at  or call 043 334 4288

We are aware that online survey wont be the best platform to engage with everyone.

If you are working with a hard to reach target group, and you feel that the survey will not  adequately engage or capture the issues of that group, please contact us to make alternative arrangements to ensure their voices and views are heard.

Supporting Consultation Events

We are working with our Partnership members to roll out some group consultation meetings over the period 21 February- 21 March. Please feel free to attend open/public events near you:




Comhairle na nÓg Consultation workshop

Tuesday 22 February



Community Engagement meeting/survey launch

Tuesday 22 February

Edgeworthstown Library


Community Engagement meeting/survey launch

Wednesday 23 February

Longford Library (Longford Town)


Granard PPN Plenary workshop

Tuesday 8 March

Granard Library


Ballymahon PPN Plenary workshop

Wednesday 9 March

Ballymahon Library


Longford PPN Plenary workshop

Thursday 10 March

Longford Arms Hotel