Property Marking Scheme


Longford Local Community Safety Partnership, in conjunction with Longford County Council and An Garda Síochana are running a Property Marking Scheme in Longford.

Property marking is a way of deterring theft. It has proven to be effective in other communities. Including identifying information on property also supports An Garda Siochana to reunite lost or stolen items with their owners.

The property marking machine engraves an identifier or EIRCODE on a wide variety of materials such as wood, leather, plastic, carbon fiber, and metal. It can be used on household or farm property, for example, the marking of bicycles, scooters, trailers, lawnmowers, and other valuable equipment and machinery.

Training can be arranged in the use of the property marking tool for members of local community groups, who can then borrow one of our machines to run property marking and crime prevention events in their own community.

The property marking machine will be available on loan to local community groups free of charge. 

If you are interested in organising a property marking event, have queries about the scheme, or would like to find out more, e-mail