Buy and Renew

Buy and Renew

The Buy and Renew Scheme consists in purchasing housing units in need of repair, carry out necessary remediation works, and making them available for social housing tenants use. It is a matter for Longford County Council to determine a property’s suitability for social housing. It aims to help tackle the problem of dereliction and to improve an area’s appearance.

As a complementary initiative to the Repair and Leasing Scheme, it provides the option for suitable properties to be purchased rather than leased, if that is the property owner’s preference where the remediation costs of works to bring the property back to an acceptable standard are above the limits allowed under the Repair & Leasing scheme (€60.000).

It is expected that Buy & Renew properties would have been vacant for a period before being acquired for social housing purposes. Also, there is no limit on the balance between the purchase price and the cost of the repair works. For example, a property could be bought for €110,000 and remediated for a further €50,000, or the figures could be the other way around. Generally, it is expected the combined cost of buying and remediating a suitable property would be similar to the costs of acquiring a comparable property that is in a lettable condition. In some cases, more expensive remediation projects may be undertaken if it can be shown such a project would support regeneration objectives in a city, town or village.

Selling your property to Longford County Council

If you wish to sell your property to Longford County Council, please email us at and a member of our team will be able to help you with your query.