Longford Local Area Plan 2023-2029

Pre-Draft Stage

Longford County Council is commencing the preparation of a six-year Local Area Plan (LAP) for Longford Town. The initial stage involves consultation which presents an opportunity for you to shape Longford Town into the future and to have a say when it comes to important issues such as climate action, infrastructure, heritage, housing, transportation, environmental protection, employment and enterprise, community, tourism, recreation, regeneration, and retail. 

Issues Paper and Public Consultation

To assist in preparing a new Local Area Plan for Longford Town 2023-2029 and in order to stimulate debate, an Issues Paper has been prepared and is available to view here.

The Issues Paper may also be viewed at the following locations during normal office hours during the public consultation period, which will run from 7 October-18 November 2022 (both dates inclusive) at the following locations:

  • Planning Section, Longford County Council, Great Water Street, Longford, N39 NH56
  • Longford Town Branch library

Please note that a public consultation drop-in session at Longford Town Branch Library is arranged for Thursday 20 October 3.00-5.30pm. 

Making Submissions

Longford County Council welcome your submissions in relation to the preparation of the proposed Longford Town Local Area Plan during the initial six-week public display period of the Issues Paper.

Any pre-draft submissions on the key issues affecting Longford Town, that you wish to have taken into account in the preparation of the new Local Area Plan for the area, can be made from Friday 7 October until 4pm on Friday 18 November via one of the following methods:

  • By email to lap@longfordcoco.ie (please include ‘Longford Local Area Plan’ in subject box)
  • In writing to Longford Local Area Plan, Administrative Officer, Forward Planning, Planning Department, Longford County Council, Áras an Chontae, Great Water Street, Longford, N39 NH56.    

Submissions and observations must include the full name and address of the person(s) making the submission and where relevant, the body or organisation represented. 

Children, or groups or associations representing the interests of children are entitled to make submissions or observations.

All submissions received during this period will be considered by the Council in the production of the draft Longford Local Area Plan.

Please do not include personal, confidential or other sensitive information in submissions.

Strategic Environmental Assessment


The Scoping Report is required to provide information for consideration in respect of the requisite content of the SEA. It is obligatory to conduct the scoping stage of an SEA such that the content and boundaries for the SEA are agreed prior to commencement of the Environmental Report. The purpose of the Scoping Report is to provide context for, and determine the scope of the SEA and to set out the assessment framework for undertaking the later stages of the SEA. Consultation has been undertaken with the Environmental Authorities on the scope and level of detail to be considered in the assessment; and finalisation of the Scoping Report has been completed taking into account the submissions and observations received from the Environmental Authorities. 

View the finalised Scoping Report.

Privacy Statement

Longford County Council will only process personal data where it has a lawful basis for doing so. Details about the type of data held by the Council, the purpose of data processing and the lawful basis on which the data is processed can be found Council’s Privacy Statement. Alternatively, you can contact the Council’s Data Protection and Information Compliance Officer on 043 334 4207 or email dpo@longfordcoco.ie.

Key Stages in the Local Area Plan Process

1.     Pre-Draft Stage  ** CURRENT STAGE **

Forming the issues to be addressed in the Plan and gathering information from consultation with relevant stakeholders and interested parties.

2.     Draft Plan Stage

Following a review of collated information, a Draft Plan will be prepared by the Planning Authority. The Draft will afford the public the first opportunity to gauge the direction that the final Plan is heading.

3.     Notice of Draft Plan

The Draft Plan will be available for inspection for at least six weeks. We will publish a notice in local papers letting you know that the Draft is available for inspection and inviting your submissions.

4.     Chief Executive’s Report

A Chief Executive’s Report will be prepared based on the submissions received and containing the opinion of the Chief Executive and his recommendations in relation to the Plan.

5.     Consideration by Elected Members

The Elected Members will consider the Chief Executive’s Report and then make, amend or revoke the Plan as appropriate in accordance with the recommendations of the Chief Executive.

6.     Material Alterations

In the event of material alterations or amendments, we will publish notice of this and invite further submissions. A similar process to that outlined at stages 4 and 5 is then repeated.

7.     Final Plan

Following consultation on Material Alterations, a further Chief Executive’s Report will be prepared, to be considered by the Elected Members. The Elected Members will consider the report and then adopt then Plan.