Active Travel Roadworks on the R198 Regional Rd in Longford Town

Longford County Council wishes to inform the public that significant roadworks are scheduled to commence on the R198 Battery Road from the St. Albans Residential Estate entrance, to just before the Druid Glen Roundabout. The Works are due to commence on Monday 14th August 2023 and will be in place until Quarter 2 of 2024. The proposed scheme includes the rehabilitation of the R198 Battery Road surface, the installation of a signalised junction at the entrance to Lisbrack Road, the construction of a right turn lane at the entrance to Abbeycarton Lane, the realignment of the R198 Battery Road surface to facilitate the provision of cycle lanes and continuous pedestrian footpath on both sides of the road, and the construction of pedestrian crossing points at various locations along the road.

Traffic Management systems will be installed on the public road, this will be a combination of lane narrowing, Stop/Go and Temporary Traffic Light systems with the nature of the works dictating the system employed as the project progresses. 

Every effort will be made to reduce the impact of the works on the local community, businesses and school population, but it is inevitable that disruption will occur.

These works form part of the National Sustainable Mobility Policy ‘Pathfinder’ scheme and are fully funded by the Department of Transport through the National Transport Authority (NTA) and delivered by its Active Travel programme.

The Pathfinder scheme will be of huge benefit to the users of the R198 Battery Road in achieving improved road safety for both pedestrians and cyclists, with reduced motorists interaction. be reduced The commenced scheme also helps Ireland meet its commitment to a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Longford County Council wishes to apologise for any inconvenience caused and to thank you for your co-operation.