Roads Act, 1993 (Section 70) – Maintenance of Hedges/Shrubs/Trees

Roads Act, 1993 -Section 70- Dangerous Structures, Trees etc

Maintenance of Hedges /Shrubs/Trees etc  

Longford County Council wishes to bring to the notice of landowners and occupiers of land the potential hazards and dangers to road users where trees, shrubs, hedges or other vegetation are not maintained

Section 70 of the Roads Act 1993 provides that

  • Owners and occupiers of lands along Public Roads are obliged to ensure that roadside hedges and trees do not present a hazard or obstruction to road users
  • Owners or occupiers of land should take all necessary care to ensure that the structures on their land are not, or could not become, a danger to those using a Public Road or to somebody carrying out maintenance or improvement work on it

Please be advised as follows:

  • Hedgerows along Public Roads that require cutting or trimming back should be cut immediately and all cuttings removed from the roads and verges.
  • Overhanging vegetation in urban areas should be cut back from footpaths and at junctions
  • Dead and unsafe trees on the roadside are particularly dangerous and should be removed immediately
  • Landowners are responsible for the cost of removing fallen trees from public roads.
  • Professional advice on the condition of roadside trees should be obtained from time to time
  • Longford County Council will under section 70 of the Roads Act 1993 serve a ‘Hedge Cutting Notice’ on those who do not carry out this obligation
  • Longford County Council will prosecute those who fail to comply with these Notices
  • To avoid harming wildlife and under Section 40 of the Wildlife Act 1976, incorporating section 46 of the Wildlife (Amendment) Act 2000, the times for hedge and verge cutting are set out as follows.
  • Hedge Cutting Season commences on the 1st of September 2023
  • Hedge Cutting can be carried out over a period of 6 months
  • Hedge Cutting to finish on the last day of February 2024
  • Longford County Council can take action where they consider that a hazard exists and seek the costs from Landowners where the Council have to carry out the work

Any member of the public who is aware of a hazard or safety issue can contact Longford County Council on