Community Development Programme

The Community Development Programme (CDP) is a pilot programme to trial community development initiatives that address poverty, social exclusion and inequality and promote human rights. It aims to:

  • Develop community responses to social, economic and environmental concerns
  • Facilitate an empowering collaboration to build relationships and undertake cooperative initiatives between marginalised groups, mainstream services and decision-making bodies
  • Showcase the benefits of an autonomous approach to community development for existing, new and emerging issues

A national project team oversee CDP progress. The team is made up of representatives from the Department of Rural and Community Development, Pobal and Community Work Ireland.

Longford County Council and Longford Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) are responsible for administering annual funding of €125,000 allocated by the DRCD to Longford Community Resources clg (LCRL) over three years.

Longford Roma and New Communities Community Development Programme Project

The Longford Roma and New Communities Community Development Programme (CDP) Project was established following a successful application by Longford Community Resource CLG (LCRL) under the Community Development Programme.  

This project aims to respond to the needs of Roma and new communities in Longford. People within these communities may be vulnerable as they experience difficulty accessing services, including healthcare. They may have difficulty accessing appropriate housing. They may also have precarious working condition, language difficulties, poor participation in education and poor understanding of Irish institutions. They also may regularly experience racism and have other complex needs.

This Longford Roma and New Communities CDP Project aims to help Roma and new communities participate in all society with full access to services. It aims to help have their voices heard in decision-making that affects them. It also aims to celebrate and value these cultures more within society.

Using a community development approach, the project will work over three years to:

  • Build trust with the community and support them in accessing services
  • Organise activities and programmes to engage with the community
  • Build capacity and leadership skills among members of the community
  • Establish an independent organisation led by Roma and members of new communities

Further information

Further information on the Longford Roma and New Communities Community Development Programme (CDP) Project on the LCRL website

Further information on all Community Development Programme projects is available at

Contact Details

Longford Community Resources Clg delivers the Longford Roma and New Communities Community Development Programme (CDP) Project. Their website is You can also contact them by:
P: 043 334 55 55

Alternatively, you can contact Longford County Council Community Development
P: 043 334 33 90