Longford County Development Plan 2015-2021

Longford County Development Plan 2015-2021

The Longford County Development Plan 2015-2021 was adopted by the elected members of Longford County Council on February 11th 2015 and is effective from March 11th 2015.

The purpose of the Plan is to set out a framework for the sustainable physical development of the County, while considering the conservation and protection of the built and natural environment. It also aims to carefully consider the needs of all groups and individuals within the County and promote equal opportunities.

The Development Plan sets out an overall strategy for the proper planning and sustainable development of Longford County and consists of a written statement, including appendices and annexes, and plans indicating the development objectives for the County.

 plan imgLongford-CDP-2015-2021-Written-Statement

Plain EnglishLongford County Development Plan 2015-2021 sets out the overall strategy, development objectives and policies. It is divided into six chapters with each chapter containing a NALA (National Adult Literacy Agency) accredited Plain English summary. It is the first County Development Plan in the Country to receive such accreditation.


 Appendix img Appendix 

This contains supporting documentation for the main Plan document such as land use zonings (maps and meanings) and the Record of Protected Structures.

 Annex imgAnnex 

This contains supporting complementary documents such as the Housing and Retail Strategies. 



There are four Variations

Notice of Proposed Material Contravention of Development Plan