Local Enhancement Programme 2024

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Local Enhancement Programme (LEP) 2024

The Local Enhancement Programme is closed for 2024. 

Longford Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) invites applications from community groups for funding under the Local Enhancement Programme (LEP) 2024.

The LEP 2024 is funded by the Department of Rural and Community Development. Please see the following link for a press release on the launch of the LEP 2024 at national level by the Minister for Rural and Community Development, Heather Humphreys TD, and the Minister of State with responsibility for Community Development and Charities, Joe O’Brien TD: Here.

The LEP 2024 will support groups, particularly in disadvantaged areas as per the 'Pobal Hasse' deprivation index (see Pobal.ie) to carry out necessary repairs and improvements to their facilities, and/or to purchase equipment, such as tables and chairs, tools and signage, laptops and printers, lawnmowers, canopies and training equipment, and so on.  

Funds have also been ring-fenced for women’s groups. This ring-fenced funding for women’s groups is capital in nature for community projects and groups that support the ethos of women’s sheds and other such groups or projects aimed at providing social networks for women.

Who is eligible to apply?

Any not-for-profit community or voluntary group can apply.

Target groups
This funding is targeted towards supporting communities that are impacted by disadvantage as identified in the County Longford Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP) 2023-2029.

What level of funding is available?

  • €6m has been provided nationally with €134,866.64 allocated to Longford LCDC. The Department has recommended that LCDCs ring-fence 30% funding to provide small capital grants of €1,000 or less. Ring-fencing funding at this level will allow a larger volume of those with limited resources to receive some funding.
  • The programme can also fund or partially fund larger-scale projects to address disadvantages.  
  • Funding of €22,477.77 has been ring-fenced for women’s groups.
  • If the programme is oversubscribed, all applications fulfilling the conditions may not be successful or offers of funding may be for a lesser amount than that sought by the applicant.
  • In deciding the final allocations of funding to projects, the LCDC may take account of a number of factors. These may include geographical balance, the desirability to fund a variety of different projects, and the relative disadvantage of the area where the facility is located (or will serve).
  • See Application Guidelines for further details including selection criteria.

How to apply

Online applications must be completed by the chairperson, secretary or treasurer of the community group. You are advised to start your online application as soon as possible. You do not have to complete it all in one go, you can pause and save it in draft format at any time. When you have completed your application form you can then submit it. Before starting your application, you should: 

You can pause and save your online application form in draft format any time before pressing the ‘submit’ button. These instructional videos to a similar online grant scheme may be of help to you:

To apply, complete the online Local Enhancement Programme 2024 Application (via Submit.com)

The deadline for submission of online applications and all supporting documentation is:
4pm on Wednesday, 27 March 2024.

Incomplete and late applications will not be accepted. 

Do not spend before you formally accept any grant offer.

Further information

For any queries, please email LCDC@longfordcoco.ie or call 043 334 33 07, 043 334 34 72 or 043 334 34 56.

Data Privacy 

The purpose of processing personal data collected on this application form is to assist Longford LCDC and Longford County Council manage and administer your application. We process this Personal Data under Article (6)(1)(b) of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), 'processing is necessary for the performance of the contract to which that data subject is party'. Further information on how Longford County Council process your personal data and your rights can be found on our Privacy Policy available on Longfordcoco.ie under the Data Protection section.