Carpark at Barrack Lane, Granard

Project Description

The subject lands are located at Barrack lane in Granard, Co. Longford. The proposed site area is approximately 0.19 Ha. The site has an open access to the general public and does not have any building or outbuildings. The site at Barrack Lane is in the ownership of Longford County Council. The site itself is currently used in an uncontrolled fashion for a turning space for vehicles, with the remaining part of the site outgrown with vegetation.

The site is bounded; to the east by the Residential Estate of Denniston Park; to the North by a commercial unit complex (Eircom Building) and footpath; to the South by the Garda Barracks; and to the East by local road L51222.

The site is in an ideal location for a carparking facility due to its central location in the town and its close proximity to all amenities. The location of this proposed car park is also in line with Government requirements. The provision of off-street parking will also free up valuable car spaces along Main St. Granard.

The provision of this facility in Granard will add to the attractiveness of the town as a place to stop and explore what this town has to offer and potentially increase social, recreational and tourist activity.

Related Files

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Read the "Extract from Minutes of Meeting of Granard Municipal District held on Tuesday, 22 November 2022" here - Decision.doc (size 260.6 KB)

Chief Executives Report