Lettergeeragh Drumlish

Project Description

Proposed Construction of a single storey dwelling at Lettergeeragh, Drumlish, Co. Longford. Proposed development will consist of construction of a single storey dwelling, new entrance, gates and piers, new mains water connection, installation of wastewater treatment system and percolation area together with all ancillary and associated site works. 
The site is located at Lettergeeragh, Drumlish, Co.Longford . The overall site area is 0.35 hectares. The site comes under agricultural lands.


The architectural form and design of the houses has been conceived to maximise the potential of the site, to also blend in and be integrated within the townscape identity and minimise any architectural impact. The design of the development will provide a high quality, single storey, three bedroom house which
will have front and rear garden space to suit location and character of the neighbouring buildings located in the vicinity of the site. The house has been thoroughly designed to meet the needs and requirements for all suitable occupants.


The proposed development will be constructed with a small palette of good quality, robust and easily maintained materials. Masonry cavity wall will generally be rendered, colour finish to the surroundings and reflect the character of the local area. Cavity walls will be constructed to a high standard to provide excellent thermal performance and minimise the running cost of the dwellings. Roofs will typically be covered with blue/ black or turf brown slates/tiles. Windows will be good quality triple glazed upvc frame with low thermal transmittance and front door will be of a timber finish. Timber fence at back and side and native hedgerow at front. Driveway and Pavements will be finished with a mixture of buff coloured tarmacadam, resin bound gravel and permeable paving
where required with landscaping to all areas.


The proposal allows for single storey dwelling

Site Area3500 sqm (0.35 ha)
Floor Area99 sqm
Bedroom-1 11.4sqm
Master Bedroom13.05sqm
Living Space16.5sqm

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Read the "Extract from Minutes of Meeting of Longford Municipal District held on Monday, 25 July 2022" hereDecision.pdf (size 137.7 KB)

Chief Executives Report